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5:30 Hours

MISRA C:2012 with Security Amendments


Shrikant Sathyanarayan

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These online training programs cater to the safety and security-critical embedded software industry.

Corporates and professionals in the safety and security-critical industries such as aerospace, defence, automotive, rail, industrial, medical etc., are to be benefitted. Catering to industry-specific needs, we offer courses in areas that require specialized attention like:

  • MISRA C:2012 with security amendments
  • ISO 26262 functional software safety for automotive
  • Secure coding with CERT-C and AUTOSAR C
  • Intensive LDRA tool suite® training
  • RTCA/DO-178C & EUROCAE/ED-12C and DO-254
  • Focused training on requirement engineering, IEC 62304 for medical, IEC 61508 for industrial, EN 50128 for rail and energy
  • ARP 4754A & ARP 4761 guidelines for development, safety assessment and certification of aircraft and systems

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